The third suit in the minor arcana is the Suit of Pentacles.

This suit is related to the element of earth. Earth symbolizes the foundation for growth and the supporter of nature; it is used to grow and nurture plants and trees, which act as the foundation for human life. The earth is considered and is seen as fertile. Hence, it is a feminine symbol – it is a sustainer of life and a nurturing force.

This suit covers aspects such as materiality, money, business, and work. The positive side of these aspects includes prosperity, success, and manifestation, while the negative side deals with greed and the excessive need for material wealth.

This suit mainly relates to the earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People who get cards from this suit within their reading are usually an earth sign. People with this sign are mostly career-oriented, practical, generous, and down-to-earth. They enjoy the world through tactile experiences. However, there are times where they can be indulgent in excess.

Hence, the Suit of Pentacles deals with the consciousness that stems from the external, meaning it focuses on outer situations such as finances, work, and your health. These cards teach you how to mold your surroundings in order to transform them and help them grow. The way we shape our surroundings is related to how we see ourselves, our self-esteem, and our ego.

This suit includes 14 cards; the first 10 are numbers, while the remaining four are called the Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Pentacles, respectively.

Ace of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is faced with a new career or financial opportunity, they may manifest an abundance of wealth
  • Reversed – One who loses an opportunity due to poor planning and lack of foresight

Two of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who manages their time well; they can handle multiple priorities while prioritizing and adapting to tasks.
  • Reversed – One who overcommits to work, they suffer from disorganization and are in need to re-prioritize their selected tasks.

Three of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who works with the collaboration of a team; hence, they learn more than others
  • Reversed – One who works alone due to disharmony and misalignment within a group

Four of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who prioritizes saving money; they live scarcely and conservatively to maintain control over their finances.
  • Reversed – One who overspends due to greed; one who wants to protect oneself.

Five of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who suffers through poverty and financial loss, they lack a proper mindset and face isolation and worry
  • Reversed – One who recovers from their financial loss but are spiritually poor

Six of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is generous; they give charity, are giving, and share their wealth with others.
  • Reversed – One who has debts that are unpaid, they experience one-sided charity (they either give and don’t receive, or receive and don’t give); self-care

Seven of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who works with a long-term view, they invest and work with perseverance to achieve sustainable results
  • Reversed – One who lacks a long-term vision, and hence, receives limited reward and success

Eight of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who masters and develops a skill through repetition and apprenticeship
  • Reversed – One who achieves self-development through perfectionism and misdirected activity

Nine of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is financially independent and self-sufficient, so much so that they are able to live in abundance and luxury
  • Reversed – One who over-works themselves to the point that their self-worth lies in their work; work with no rest.

Ten of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who achieves long-term success and financial security, they have built upon their wealth and contribute to their families.
  • Reversed – One who faces the dark side of wealth, they may suffer financial failure or loss.

Page of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who manifests the development of skills and financial opportunities
  • Reversed – One who fails to progress due to procrastination, they may choose to learn from their mistakes and failures

Knight of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is conservative, they live according to a routine which leads to hard work and productivity
  • Reversed – One who is self-disciplined but faces perfectionism and boredom; they are stuck

Queen of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is a working parent, they provide for their family financially while nurturing them; they are usually practical.
  • Reversed – One who may be dealing with a conflict between their work and home; they are financially independent and practice self-care

King of Pentacles

  • Upright – One who is disciplined, they have wealth in abundance alongside business leadership
  • Reversed – One who is obsessed with status and wealth they are stubborn and financially inept

(All meanings are based on the Rider-Waite tarot card deck)


If your reading consists mainly of cards from the Suit of Pentacles, you may be dealing with material conflicts such as financial struggles and problems within your career. Receiving such cards in your reading can help enhance your awareness and understanding of the conflicts and events that may be affecting your life.

During your tarot reading, your tarot reader may help you come up with solutions to the problems you face; you can work with them to come up with a creative resolution to the problems you might be facing. The Suit of Pentacles helps you shape your outer surroundings; for example, you may learn how to grow your wealth, get a promotion you have been wanting, or solve your personal issues with materialism.

With a better understanding of the pentacle suit, you will be better able to comprehend and analyze the reading you receive. You can start right now and receive a free online tarot reading here (insert external link).

Like the one above, Tarot readings can help you understand and solve the problems you face and enhance the quality of your life. So what are you waiting for? Begin your tarot card journey today!

Tarot: The Suit of Pentacles